We’ve come so far………this games looks so amazing!!! Everyone looks so squishy in it ;; I’m so happy about this! Yet so sad because I don’t speak Japanese I’ll probably have to wait an extra year or so. ASUKAAAAAAA I’M GOING TO GO BECOME FLUENT IN JAPANESE IN LIKE A YEAR FOR YOU!!!!! I CAN DO IT WITH THE POWER OF LOOOVE…….;; Probably..

By the way you can preorder it now, if you do speak Japanese or just don’t care! It comes out March 2015. I think.



Oculus Rift + 3DS ⊟

Katsukity, maker of 3DS video capture hardware and software, has updated its kit to support the Oculus Rift — meaning you can view the handheld’s 3D games with the virtual reality head-mounted display. Katsukity notes that “fully 3D games really stick out!”

Naturally, Katsukity demonstrated the setup in action with girlfriend simulator New LovePlus and racy beat’em up Senran Kagura 2. Amazingly, this is just the second perviest thing someone’s done with the Oculus Rift lately, behind this VR game about grabbing anime breasts. Thanks to NihongoGamer for the tip.


OH MY GOD I NEED THIS ON MONDAY OF LAST WEEK AKASUKA’S BIRTHDAY SO I CAN GO ON DATES WITH HER AND BRING HER CAKE…..I know a guy with an Oculus Rift but I doubt he’d let me do this kind of thing by myself. Gaaahhhh…..I wish I was rich. I e-mailed them asking about it though ahaha..one can dream..



Was being a big cheapo and decided to make my own display case to show off Katsuragi. Since this was my first time making this, there were mistakes, like cracks on the side and a few centimeters off. I’m waiting for the cement to dry off before applying more and completely taking off the tape and plastic wrap.

Only needed Plexiglass, Glue (I used liquid cement of plastic) Tape, Scissors, and a Ruler. Figure optional.